Carvera Desktop CNC

Hey all,

now this is very cool, just read it in one of my IT News sites:

Carvera - A Fully Automatic Desktop CNC for Makers

It’s very small (14.2″×9.4″×5.5″ workarea), it’s much more expensive than the Onefinity, and it doesn’t compare to the Onefinity, but I thought some might find this interesting.

With Automatic Tool Changing, Auto Probing, Built-In Dust Collector, Full Enclosure, Integrated Laser, 4th Rotary Axis, Cross-Platform Control Software, Closed Loop Spindle, Ball Screws, and Servo Motors, fully assembled, fine tuned and tested, I think it’s an ambitious and phenomenal idea of a nice tool. If only the budget for this year were not eaten up!

It is interesting indeed.

I would be reluctant to put that much money on a Kickstarter for a relatively new company though. I have done many KS, too many campaigns are hugely delayed, under-deliver or fold under.


Yep same here Kickstarter can be cool but getting burned more than a few times put me off of there unless it’s a company that has been successful delivering a product on there a couple of times.