Carving depth control

no matter what i set the depth at for a vcarve in vcarve pro it cuts it .251 I have it set to cut only .062 but it cuts it at .251 I have tried 30 degree ball nose cutter and finish carving and still it cuts at .251. I have run the simulation in al kinds of ways but i seem to be missing something very basic. thus far i have only cut some dishes and a bunch of signs. now i am trying to cave something, my hammer handles for one. And I am stymied as to how to control the depth of cut on simple clipart. HELP!! by the way for the sake of this discussion i am trying to cut a simple celtic knot from the vetrics clipart files i got when i bought my software.

When you set your Z Height are you using the top of the material or are you using the spoilboard? Exactly how are you setting your Z height prior to starting the cut? Are you trying to make a 3d cut using a 3d toolpath?

thank you for replying. I am not actually cutting right now i am merely in the vcarve prop simulation previewing the tool paths but wheni put the curser over the toolparth is shows that the maximum depth is .251 instead of what i set the toolpath for which is .0625 I need to know how toget the clip art to onlyt cut 1/16th deep instead of the 1/4 it seems to want to go

You could try your toolpath set up and see where your model is placed in the material. I think default is at tje bottom of the material

how do i do that and where should it be placed?

sounds like your clipart is made to be a 1/4" deep and you will have to flatten it to be .0625" thick. Ie. adjust the clipart BEFORE you make a tool path.

thank you but people seem to be able to tell me what to do but assume I know how to do what they tell me to do and I have not a clue how to do it.

There’s a lot of learning to be done. You can hire somebody to provide training, or you can watch a lot of videos, or you can play and learn, or a combination. I provided you with some clues on how to do it, but not step-by-step instructions. It was only intended to point you in the (hopefully) right direction. I have very little VCarve experience, but I’ve watched videos that cover this.

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Check to see if you have a Makerspace locally to you (Google “makerspace near me” or “maker space” & your town).

Many (most?) makerspaces have CNCs and usually use VCarve. They will generally offer classes on how to use the CNC and VCarve as well as someone who can help with questions. It’s often easier to learn how to do things with someone helping live & in person.

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