Controller Not Outputting HDMI or Joystick Signals

Recently purchased a used X-35 Woodworker, in excellent condition, except for the controller. The previous owner stated in just the last week or so, the controller stopped outputting signals to the touchscreen (HDMI) or the wireless joystick. It powers up normally, and there does not appear to be any damage whatsoever to the outside or inside of the control box, including the circuit boards. No evidence ( smell or appearance ) of anyplace ’ the smoke was let out '. lol Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues, and what to do. Or do I need to purchase a new controller? Thanks!2022-06-18T05:00:00Z

Hey Steve,

you could try to login to the controller via ssh from remote.

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Thank You Aiph5u. I have tried all the suggestions to reboot/ communicate with the controller, including the micro sd card, with no success. : ( Guess I’ll put in a call to support on Monday. Aggrivatin’ tho, just want to fire this puppy up! Looks real nice in the shop anyway! : )

Why wait, tech support is done via email only:

When emailing, give detailed info for each of these steps:

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