Cyclone and MDF Dust

Is it just the nature of MDF dust that it is too fine/light to separate out from a Dust Deputy cyclone? I have one attached to a Fein and my first projects have been spoilboards and clamps out of MDF…the Cyclone collector bucket is almost empty while the Fein’s filter bag is chock full…

Yes, it is very fine dust. I don’t see how a cyclone could capture it.

I have a Dust Stopper (Home Depot) and it separated the MDF dust well.


My bucket is full, filter fairly clean

I think you have an air leak in your bucket, it’s lid, or the dust deputy to bucket connection

This must be well sealed so air doesn’t enter and carry dust to the filter

The dust deputy is very good at separating even fine dust

Agreed - my dust deputy separates out fine sanding dust, and MDF dust, without any problem. You likely have an air leak around the bucket seal.

I’m on the filter clog side. Maybe I’ll try a rubber seal

Just a thought - happens to most of us at least once - do you have the dust hoses connected to the right places?

Missing chunk on hidden side of cyclone, must have damaged while installing in cabinet. New cyclone, all good.