Delivery of the Elite Series Machines

Hey Andreas,

the way spindles (induction motors) are driven is not with neutral, and the VFD provides no neutral. The windings of the stator are between U,V,W.

– Source: Omron MX2 User’s Manual

What is crucial for safety in a spindle motor cable is the fourth wire, which is the protective earth (PE) wire! Never should one connect a spindle without this wire that should be connected to VFD ground (⏚) and the VFD grounded in a grounded wall outlet.

When talking of poles on a spindle, this has nothing to do with the pins on the connector. What is meant is the number of coil groups on the stator. Most spindles used in this forum have two magnetic poles, which means at 400 Hz they run with 24,000 rpm. A spindle with four magnetic poles a runs at 12,000 rpm when driven with 400 Hz. For 24,000 rpm it would require 800 Hz then.

Two magnetic polesFour magnetic poles



See here for pole number/frequency/rpm computation on your spindle/VFD.

For difference of hand trim router vs. spindle performance see here.