Depth problem on same file

I’ve been using easel pro as my software and have started out doing cutting boards with names on them. They have all been the same design besides the names. For some reason my depth changed with each carve even when I do the exact same file. I set my depth to .0625 and about 3/4 through the carve I checked on it and realized it looked like it was cutting deeper than i wanted it to. So I watched the monitor to see how far down z was going and every now and then it would go down to .15, so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it has to do with the machine.

To add to that, I have just been duplicating the file in easel when I have to change the name

Look in your gcode to make sure It is not telling it to go deeper. Open the gcode file in any editor and search ( ctl-f ) for Z-.15 or Z-0.15.
If the code is telling it to go deeper then the problem is in easel. If the code does not tell it to go deeper then the problem is the CNC/controller.

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I’m new to this, so can you explain the editor thing, is it like a separate website or is it in the easel software

Just about any text editor, (for example, Notepad) would work as the g-code is primarily just a text file.

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If you are on a Windows computer or laptop just click on the Windows start button and type notepad and hit enter.

Here is a tutoral video on finding notepad.
How To Find And Use Notepad On Windows 10 [Tutorial] - Bing video

Once notepad is open click File then Open. Find where you keep your gcode and open it.
Then click on Edit then Find. Type z- then click Find Next. Keep clicking Find Next to see all the depths the cutter goes to. It will highlight each place the toolpath goes below your Z0.
Look for any that go deeper than you were expecting.
If there are any that go deeper than what you want then it is Easel or it’s post processor that is causing it.
If there are not any then maybe contact support or let us know at least.

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Ok appreciate the help! And will do once I find out