Device Settings

I have two issues/questions.

I have an Elite Journeyman with a 24W laser and Laserburn.

My first issue: When running a file, I load the file, set my x, y, & z. If I hit Go to Origin it will move the laser to my X & Y but my Z will shoot up to the top of the mount. Even if I start the cycle, it will shoot the Z up and start burning.

However, if I Go to Origin and then set my Z zero height and hit start, it will burn fine.

Here are my settings to show Z should not be controlled by Lightburn:

My other question is, has anyone changed the Simulation Settings to improve their tooling time simulation? For reference to above, I have not changed these yet.

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It may be helpful to post a sample of your g-code to help troubleshoot your z-height issue.

As far as the simulation settings, the post below has a screen shot of my settings. I find these to be within about 5% of the actual time that my machine takes to run a job. WAY closer than the defaults that are in lightburn.


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Thanks, I’ll look into the simulation settings.

Below are some examples of my G-code (1 with the recommended start G-code and 1 without, testing).

Further testing shows, there is no reference to Z in the G-code so I’m starting to think it’s something else. I’ve reached out to Masso, Lightburn, and JTECH.