Z-height error with JTECH laser

Having a Jtech 24watt and Foreman Elite finally up and running.
Trying to cut acrylic with vcarve toolpath. X and Y is fine, but z-height goes to machine Z 0. which is 160 mm too high. I.e. laser head stays 160mm above the acrylic. Does anyone have a clue? Tried to change the offset multihead parameters with no luck.

Zero z when your positioning it… that’s what i do

Hi Chris. Thanks for responding. I´ve tried that too. But as soon as I start the Job it x an y is ok (i.e zeroing according to datum) and the it starts to move z-axes towards machine 0 for z axes. Is there anything in the post prosessindustri Code that i have overlooked and might be overrided?

T111 m6


Thanks Chris. I´ll try. I had hoped that I somehow could avoid manually input g-Code from vcarve.