Dimensions for controller?

Do you have dimensions for the controller?


Is the footprint the same as the standard Buildbotics controller?

@garrett1812. thanks i was wondering the same thing. It seems like the production controller was larger.

agree it looked bigger than 7" on the Demo but who knows the camera adds 5lbs. :cowboy_hat_face:

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The one in Ben Myers live un boxing also had a fan on it. My guess is that the different connectors and power supply caused the design difference.

here ya go:


Thank you Ben, for some reason the first photo showing the length must have uploaded funky it will not enlarge. What is that total length?

9 3/4 inches


Perfect, thank you Ben.

Isin’t the box sitting on top with the fan your laser controller?

yep, the two holes on top are made to hold the laser add on control board.

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Dimensions are:
7-3/4" wide
3-3/4" high (add 1-1/8" for emergency switch)
9-3/4" long (add 0-1/4" for front on-off switch and add another 4" (approx) space to the back to connect accessories like joystick dongle or breakout board adapter)


Thank you for the quick response, this really helps!