Dust Boot Bracket/Arms

I was curious about if anyone had ever broken their arms/brackets for their suckit dust boot and or where they might look to find a replacement one? I will admit that I may or may have run into that issue and was wondering if anyone else has?

Hi Trevor - I have not - yet - but came pretty darn close. Thank goodness mine are injection molded rather than acrylic - they flexed rather than snapped. I believe OF can replace them - I don’t think the arms are offered on the website, but support should be able to set you up. Or maybe they will post the digital files so we can simply make our own? :slight_smile:

I’ve almost busted mine as well. Specifically at certain heights, if you jog to the machine 0,0 (front left) it WILL make contact with the rail end. Learned the hard way, luckily it didn’t break and the motor stall seemed to prevent that (luckily*2).

The new OF/BB post processor for Fusion returns the machine to home after each op, so that creates some serous danger zones depending on where the arms are. So far mine have just bent and the dust shoe popped out, but if the machine rapidly returns home while the router is running that could lead to disaster with the dust shoe. Returning to G58 would be better (that is if BB supported G58 after a reboot ;)).


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I made adjustments to my workflow this weekend to have the machine return to X=400, Y=500. I’m forgetting exactly where I made this adjustment, whether it was in the machine profile in Fusion 360 (axis home coordinates), or if I was editing the end-program to adjust it. Don’t have it in front of me now, but will check in a bit.

But @cyberreefguru you are correct, in it can be adjusted. The rapid after a probing operation (xyz) is also a concern of mine that I might look to adjust as well.


So I checked, and yes. Ultimately my solution was to set the home coordinates in the machine profile within Fusion 360 (see pictures). This ends up changing the G53 output in the post-processor from the default G53 G0 X0 Y0 to the coordinates set within the outlined parameters G53 G0 X400 Y500.

I have no clue if other CAM packages allow easy adjustment of these settings, but worst case, editing the gcode after the post-process and alter the last G53, should help.

For the uninitiated - G53 moves in the machine coordinate system (MCS), so it will move to an absolute position based on where the machine was initially homed (zeroed). Which is why this can work and be repeatable, as it’s not based off of the work coordinate system (WCS). So long as you home when you boot up the system, it should always work - but for those who don’t home danger be ahead, there be dragons!


I plan to continue using F360 when I get my OF. This is extremely useful information - thank you for taking the time to share it.

Not trying to self-promote, but I posted the same information - along with my profile file here - Fusion 360 - Setting Home Coordinates / Machine Profile (keep the information together)

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