Dust collection hack

I use the larger 1250CFM collector from rockler with my 1F. I also use it with my planer, jointer, table saw, etc. I have a 35 gallon collection bin and I’m thinking about using a large liner bag. Will that work?

If you have 2 Stage collection, best practices that I have seen when using a liner is to have some type of cylindrical device to weigh down the bag until you have some chips in there to naturally do it for you. This prevents the bag from being sucked up. If you don’t have a cyclone/separator and are strictly single stage, I don’t see a need, as that is how it is setup if you have the filter installed filter… PS, I have the Rockler 650 with filter and a Super Dust Deputy as my separator. (Rockler had not come out with there separator yet, although I would love to know how good it is as it would be an easier/cleaner install compared to what I have now.

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I think I’m going to see how well it works to attach the heavy bag to the bottom of the canister filter. Maybe I’ll skip the 2-stage separator entirely.