E-Stop "Stuck"?

Today, machine was off, was working on my spill-board, and accidentally pressed down my emergency stop. Not a big deal…I thought. Have done this a time or two before.

Now, after seemingly trying everything, my machine will not turn on. I have pulled up the emerg stop (multiple times), checked all power cables, unplugged, back in, checked breaker, etc.

I still have power to the control monitor (shows no signal) so I know that my powerbar has power. It as if the machine still thinks the emerg stop is on…

The only suggestion off the Facebook Group was to “pull up harder”.

What am I missing here? Or has this happened to anyone in the past?

Hey Warren,

did you try to turn the button after having raised it? My (external) Emergency Button works like that.

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Thanks! I have tried that. No luck this time either!

Hey Warren,

maybe it is just a coincidence and the Emergency Switch is not the cause. It could be dust in the power switch. Or it could be this.

Anyway next what I would try is check something with a multimeter. First the power cable, then inside the incoming power, and then the Power Supply Output.

So far i have had 2 power switch fails. I am currently using a power switch bought from home depot until mine comes in from onefinity. My point is check that power switch. I went to go power it on and it just would not come on. in my case. use multimeter check power switch.

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