Elite Foreman Spoil Board Location

I have purchased an Elite foreman, (due to arrive around the end of August.)
I am currently building the table for it. Maybe someone can tell me . . . When using the 80mm Spindle, what are the dimensions for the distance from the home position to the corner of the “Y” Bracket?

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This is what i have mine set to. It is less than that what was sent from 1F, but it would knock at the far corners because it ran out of travel

I don’t understand what those dimensions are. I’m looking for the distacce x and y from the corner of the Y rails to the center of the bit while homed 0,0,0

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Hey Don,

for the Machinist, Woodworker X-35 and X-50, and Journeyman models, which have Y-35 rails (both Standard and Elite Series), the cutting area location is here (assuming you have Z-16 assembly and 65 mm router mount, with 80 mm spindle mount, it’s 15 mm more towards front (does not apply to Z-20/Elite 65 mm and 80 mm mounts!)), but on Foreman which has Y-50 rails and Z-20 assembly I don’t know. Someone still needs to provide this measurement to the forum (one for 65 mm, one for 80 mm mount).

Its the distance from home to the opposite corner.
Just shy of 48" on x, and just over 48" on y. If that’s not what your looking for, i don’t know what you want because you responded really confusing

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How to say this better . . .
When you home the machine, it comes to the front left corner. That is 0,0 in the x and y. That position is a couple inches right of the corner of the Y mounting bracket (some small dimension in the x direction). It is also some small dimension forward or back in the y dimension from the same corner of the mounting bracket of the Y rail.
I’m trying to position the spot for the spoil board before I get the machine.

Like that?

Yea! That’s what I’m looking for. The second photo shows the offset in the x direction (looks like about 2 1/4" from the inside and 6 1/4" from the outside). What is it in the y direction?

The first photo was showing what my pull off was set to because that’s relevant too. I could set that to 5" but then i would have 5" of dead space on that axis(axes). I can’t manually jog to that .15 area and I’m pretty sure i can’t program something there either.

Homing and Masso

Hey Chris,

I have to come to Don’s defense on that one. I knew what he meant right away. It also follows from the fact that he said he builds his table and his wasteboard.

The value he asks for is not a value that the controller knows anything about, but this is the value that people here on the forum have always asked for who have built their own table.

Note that the best way to measure this is by using a pointy bit and mark the table top with four dots this way, and measuring from the dots then.

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Well I didn’t understand what was wanted and i was willing and able to answer it.
I built my table too… but all i had was the manual after it was released. The big thing that caught me off guard was the power button moving

Hey Chris,


Because i planned on mounting it under the table. Had a cavity spaced out and everything, but when they moved the button, the button became hidden by a 2x4.

That little change forced me to find another location… well guess what, that forced me to find another location for that…

I would suggest that you wait until you get the unit and put it together will all the extra parts you intend to use, like dust boot, vacuum and hose, water cooling, etc. Trust me on this because I did the same thing you are trying to do now, thinking that I had all the info I needed to build my table and enclosure, but I came up short.
Hope this helps!

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