Elite Series Foreman with Masso - FIRST LOOK (Video) via Myers Woodshop


Can’t wait! This will be fun! Excited to see what you think!

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Was hoping he had already provided you his thoughts! :rofl:
Interest will definitely be high, especially for all the new owners as of yet unfamiliar with Masso hardware and software! :smiley:

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What software version do you have installed and running for the video?

Im confused about something. The website says the Masso is WiFi enabled but Ben said you must use a USB storage device to transfer files. Can you clarify if we’ll be able to send files over WiFi?

Ben confirmed it in the video that you can use wifi to transfer gcode

Ok, i missed that. I have been reading Masso’s materials for days and thought i understood that. Thanks for clarifying.

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See online manual for Masso…


About drag chains. So it is true that water lines cannot fit? Also would like to know more details of them. Would be nice to have option to choose if bigger chains needed. With 80mm spindle mount it feels bit odd if water lines cannot fit there.


I asked this in another thread. There seems to be some discrepancy but these machines are very early in development.

Awesome job Ben,

Thanks for the great overview, this is super helpful for all of us that are so excited to see the Elite becoming a reality. I also missed in the video the part about loading files via (Wi-fi) can you explain a bit more here (or maybe in your next video) how that works? Does it work just like a normal remote drive in your Windows File Explorer, or do you need a special program to send files remotely?

Looking forward to seeing your continued updates, and again appreciate the work.



Masso provides very detailed instruction videos. Here is the wifi app. Masso Link https://youtu.be/A8reBeIaByI

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The other day someone commented on the Official Onefinity Facebook page that the chains in Ben’s video are preproduction and that person has received word directly from Onefinity that the chains will be big enough to hold water/air lines. I’ll see if I can locate the comment.

Ben’s recent video has the final version of the drag chains 15x20. The refrence to smaller chains to bigger ones are old. Ben’s video has the ‘bigger’ chains.

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