ELITE Upgrade Kit FAQ (Official Thread)

When you get your upgrade, check missing parts. I did item count and did not work well for me. I had duplicate and ,missing part. Which net 0, :frowning_face: .Fairly quick shipment from US for missing part, which is only couple days delay for me. Then I realize no usb stick, not even sure if needed but waiting that to arrive.
So, waiting extra weeks might save you all some headaches if process gets optimized.

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I just did my Foreman ELITE upgrade. I did not get a USB stick with the MASSO controller. I looked everywhere - three times. My shop is organized and I kept all the packaging and bags to use to send back the original parts. The MASSO box didn’t have anything in it except the controller itself. Is this normal? What is on the stick?

There is nothing on the stick. It’s just a blank memory stick to use for file storage.


Does anyone know if Onefinity got their shipment of parts in last week as expected?
Week 15. Still waiting.

Same here. Kinda crazy since its almost double the time but elite machines keep being delivered that ordered long after us lol.

What about it OnefinityCNC
How about a bi weekly update. Did you receive the shipment you were expecting?

Shoot, id like early access to a 4x4 path from the journeyman at this point :rofl::rofl:

I also ordered a tool setter and Z20 breaking motor on December 4th. They still haven’t shipped either, which is a little past the 4-6 week estimate.:melting_face:

I also ordered a tool setter and Z20 braking motor.
I ordered the Tool Setter on 12/4 and received it on 12/26
I ordered the Z20 motor on 1/23 and have not received it.

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Well I will join your club, I ordered my 3 days after they went on sale because I had my knee replaced the morning they went on sale ordered Nov. 10, still waiting for that train to show up. are they not the same parts that go into the elites they are shipping. I am confused.

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Ordered my kit Nov 2nd - no word yet
Ordered toolsetter Dec 26 - No word yet
Yes communication is a huge problem with this company.

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I ordered the tool setter dec 4th and just recieved it 2 days ago. So they are shipping. Keep the faith.

From the response i got from OF when asked they were overwhelmed with the number of orders and had a large backlog. But agree better communication, proactive communication is always appreciated.

Most people don’t mind the wait as long as they don’t feel forgotten.


Waiting for shipments because of supply chain problems seems to be the norm all over the place now days. Not good for people with no patience.

Sure. The same parts that are in the upgrade kits are in the elite machines. Why are the elite machines that were ordered long after these upgrade kits shipping if it wasn’t solely because they spent more money?

It’s both a positive and a negative that Onefinity is such a small company because in any large-scale company, somebody’s head would have rolled.

I can’t say much negative because the experiences I’ve had with the few people I’ve talked to have been great. But something behind the scenes is not so great and has made this experience not so great.

I’m just trying to remain humble. This machine makes me no money. And it’s purely a dumb hobby for me, just a joy toy.

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We are early adaptors. We make sacrifices to have the latest and greatest. I appreciate that OneFinity provides an upgrade path.

I received my upgrade a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t surprised it arrived a little late. It came with one missing part and one wrong part. They had them to me quickly. I am happy with the product and very happy to support them.

Keep up the good work OneFinity!


Most likely because 1F assumes that you already have a working CNC router. Those who order a whole router don’t have one yet and are sitting around waiting for it to come (unless they are ordering a second one). Is it a good policy? I’m sure those who got their order think so. I do know that I’m glad I held off. My guess is once they get caught back up on their orders getting the upgrade will be much easier.

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When did you order your kit?

I order it early. An hour or two after they went on sale.