F1 Page Settings

Does 1F have a list of what the F1 page settings should be from the factory, I had one sensor set to the wrong state ( Hi -Lo) and it caused me a small amount of grief to figure out why it wouldn’t home properly, I see another setting that looks suspect.
Thanks, Pat

On my machine, the only sensor that is “tripped” under normal operations is the tool setter. Which sensor where you having trouble with?

it was the homing sensor on the B axis

Interesting, I had a similar issue on my Y axis. I ended narrowing it down to some wiring in the Masso panel. What was the fix to your issue?

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It was to switch the state from high to low

I think that would be a great idea, and very useful. When I set up my ATC system (I have been using a Masso G3 for a long time now) I made up Word doc to keep track of all the Inputs/Outputs I was using.

When you get an answer from 1F it might come in handy. Feel free to use it- see attachment.

Masso G3 Input Output Table.pdf (104.6 KB)

They are here: Elite Series Masso Default Machine Settings