How to test an Elite Homing Sensor (FAQ)

How to test an elite sensor.

If you are experiencing homing issues, you may have a defective homing sensor.
This is a method to test their functionality.

  1. If your machine is on, ensure you power off the machine first.

  2. Ensure each axis (x,y,b,z) are 3 inches or so away from the homing sensor.

  3. Power up the machine.

  4. Push in the estop.

  5. Release the estop.


  7. Go to the F1 Screen. (See this for password: What is the password for the Elite Masso Controller F1 Page? (FAQ))

  8. In the center column, scroll all the way down so all 4 hoing sensors and motor alarms are shown.

  9. Ensure all are green/low.

  10. Take a allen key and ‘break the light beam’ like so (this sample is showing the y axis, but the rest are similar):

  11. Go to the F1 page. While breaking the light beam, observe the corresponding ‘axis home sensor’. It should change from green/low to red/high and visa versa every time you break the beam, like so:

12: Repeat the process for all homing sensors.
13. If the status does not change, the sensor is most likely bad and needs to be replaced. Contact for further assistance.

X motor plate

Many people forget to attach the top X axis rail plate that has the protrusion that breaks the red light beam. Ensure you have the attached. In some cases, a user may need to adjust them by loosening the bolts on the sensor, plate, or protrusion to fine adjust them to ensure the plane is broken just right.

Is Your Machine Sitting in Direct Sunlight?

The Optical homing sensor may be effected if they are in direct sunlight. In rare cases, we’ve seen homing sensor rendered ineffective by the bright light from the sun. If your machine is having trouble homing and is sitting directly in the sunlight, you may need to provide shade on the sensor to allow it to complete its homing sequence. If your machine is having trouble homing under bright light, you may need to shade the sensor from the light with your hand to allow the machine to complete homing.

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