Firmware Update 1.0.8 (5/5/2021) (Outdated Firmware)

Unfortunately, that did not fix it.

I was curious to see what happen running your nc code on mine (air cut). I’m in the middle of the installation of my journeyman without spreadboard. Only a 1.5kw spindle attach. Your code seem to run just fine here.

Thank you for testing it. Maybe @onefinitycnc can chime in at some point and test the nc file with a Woodworker. I believe the Journeyman has different / larger motors - don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not.

Hi Eric - you want to the good news and the bad news? I downloaded your file, did an air cut with my machine. It definitely lost steps and got jammed up. I got some video of it, but apparently I can’t post it here. Happy to share it with OF if you want. I have a woodworker running 1.0.8. So clearly the problem is not fixed. I will take a closer look at your F3D file later.


Thanks Tom - I reached out to the support folks via email and it appears to be a problem with Fusion’s 2D Pocket operation. They were also able to reproduce the problem on their machine.

That being said, the fact that Ghislain was able to run the file just fine with his Journeyman is puzzling and should point to a problem / solution that should be fairly easy to identify.

Hi Eric - agreed; same controller so it might be a mechanical issue rather than software.



I too duplicated the problem running your file. Then I modified the pocket tool path to eliminate the finish pass and the problem went away. The finish pass was essentially a duplicate of the last roughing pass. Weird how this impacted the result. It shouldn’t matter if you repeat a pass back to back.

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@SkyKam - that is very interesting. The finishing pass should be the same cut, just slower. Now I definitely need to check out the Fusion file…