Firmware Update For 1.1.1 X-50

My machine was shipped with 1.1.1 and I haven’t had issues for the way I use it other than about 50% of the time the progress bar to complete never loads. Been considering a PWNcnc spindle upgrade and putting a plan together to execute. This brought me to research on which firmware I need to be using and this is where I am stuck.

I had no idea how much a rabbit hole I’d be getting into. My synopsis of reading many posts; 1F is recommending users with 1.1.1 re-flash to 1.2.1. This is the version currently installed on shipped BB machines. I have also read one of the known issues with 1.2.1 is sometimes the file you load is not the file that runs. This would be a show stopper for me because I often run multiple files on a given workpiece. My question is how detectable is the problem? Is there a way to know the workpiece is going to get ruined before pressing the play button or does the screen not display what is being executed?

It seems this problem might be fixed in 1.3.0 alpha. This is where I need clarification. Not a software dude but my understanding is in terms of stability one can expect Released>Beta>Alpha. I read a post dated FEB 9 for a “Beta version of firmware 1.3.0 Alpha 1” but this was in an “outdated firmware update” category. In the “public beta test” category I read a post dated APR 3 for an “Alpha version of firmware 1.3.0” Alpha 2. Am I correct to assume the beta version of 1.3.0 (Alpha 1) was shelved due to issues and now we are at an alpha version 1.3.0 (Alpha 2)? If not, please help clarify. Also, is there a running change log somewhere for us to see differences in the versions?

Lastly, is there any known functionality lost going from 1.1.1 to 1.3.0 (latest)?

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1.3 “alpha” is extremely stable with no known bugs.
Your best bet currently, reflash to 1.2.1, the update via usb stick to 1.3 alpha.

1.3 should release publicly very soon.

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