Firmware upgrade

I’m having a slew of problems and I’m sure it’s due to my ignorance on not knowing what I’m doing.

I’m going to just start with one question and hopefully this will answer several I have after…

I have Internet connection, my screen on the monitor says so!!! lol My IP address is listed and I am attempting the v1.0.6 install and there is a box that says firmware is upgrading. Well that box has been there for appx 10 minutes now. How do I know if it’s actually upgrading? and If it’s not how can I stop it disconnect my internet and do the upgrade via USB?

The 1.0.6 firmware was pulled (never actually released for auto-update. v1.0.5 is the latest version available currently.

See - 1.0.6 (final) Firmware Update (2/25/2021) (newest firmware) - #34 by Kanova802