First Cut Problems on Onefinity and F360

So after waiting a long time to post, I do so now out of frustration. I am attempting my first cuts on my Onefinity and am having problems. I have watched nearly every CNC video on YouTube for the last three years in preparation for this day.

I’m attempting to cut holes in my spoilboard for T-Nuts having designed and created GCode in F360. First two holes cut as expected, but then going from second to third holes the Z axis doesn’t retract and it just plows through the MDF in route to the third (Impressive that it doesn’t seem to bat an eye at going through ¾" MDF at full depth). I started over from scratch a couple of times following different tutorials on F360 and Onefinity and tried everything that I could think of. Simulation in F360 looks as expected. What am I missing?

Workflow as follows:

  1. Home machine as normal (front left and Z all the way up)
  2. Send to center of board and set X&Y to 0
  3. Lower Z to top of board and 0
  4. Fire everything up and start program.

I am far from an expert in F360 but I was having an similar issue with one of my projects, so hopefully the same solution will help you. In the linking tab of the operation there is a “Maximum Stay-Down Distance”. Try making this number very small, like .005". This will force a retract when the distance to the next cut is greater than .005"

That’s strange. I’ve been using Fusion exclusively and I’ve never had it do that.

I’d check the “stay down distance” as mentioned and also the “safe retract distance”

Thanks for your response. I think I worked it out. On the “Heights” tab, I changed the “Top Height” to Top Stock. It was set to “Top Hole”, which I would have thought would have been the same thing. Reran the program and it worked as expected. Odd that the simulation didn’t show this behavior properly. Seems like that’s the point of Simulate.

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