First guitar out of my Elite

Here are some pics of my first project off the machine. Fusion 360 was great and everything went pretty smoothly. Lots of time learning the modeling before I cut into the wood though. Austin Shaner on youtube is great.


Its only letting me post on pic at a time…



Wow, that’s really nice work Josh.
Yes getting the modelling and CAM down pat is half (or more) the battle.
I would love to tackle a guitar some day.

Is this your first time running a CNC?

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Thanks Chris. I have a Shaper Origin and have been using that for a couple years now but this is a whole new ball game, and ya, first time running a CNC.


You have a nice clean website.

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I love your semi-hollow body design! Were both front and back cut on your 1F too?

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Thanks! Ya everything was cut with it. It was a bit of a process though. I roughed a 2d contour of the hollowed out mahogany then used a jigsaw to finish cutting out the piece, instead of turning it all to dust. Then glued the maple top on and finished the top side. Then flipped it and cut the back. I’m still working on modeling the neck.

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Hey Josh, hey all,

adjusting pickup height from the back!

What is the exact thickness of the back if I may ask?

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Ya man! Clean pockets on the top side. The back and top are both 1/4"

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Hey Josh,

I really like it. And I have nothing against screws. A really nice guitar and concept.

The Telecaster on your website is also very beautiful.

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Nice, That looks like the cnc did a good job. Would love to see a video of you using it cutting out a guitar because Im thinking of buying onefinity elite for making my own guitars, has everything worked good so far for you using it? would you recommend buying?

Ya I fully recommend the Elite, it did a great job. The CAD/CAM is the hard and time consuming part though. If that’s done right all goes well, if not it’d be a bit of a nightmare and guitar wood is not cheap. I can’t imagine doing it without the spindle though. I got a 2.2 KW spindle and VFD from CNC4PC in Florida. With that upgrade you can run faster and more aggressive cuts. This whole guitar body took me 4hrs once I started cutting. There were tool changes and manual work I had to do mid-process, but I’m pretty happy with it. A Tele wouldn’t take much time, they are pretty simple. These Elite machines are the best you can get apart from going industrial, imo, then you are into the $15k realm.


Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. have you checked out the new pwncnc spindle watercooled 2.2kw automatic tool changer coming on black friday. If I buy the onfinity elite, it will probably be together with the pwncnc atc 2.2kw spindle. I draw my guitars in rhino 3d, i think its easier and faster then fusion360. I know how to use both softwares.

Pwncnc ATC System.


I haven’t, no…spent my budget and then some haha. My spindle is air cooled as I didn’t want to deal with water. One day I’ll get a tool changer and a laser and a 4th axis lathe…one day

Just a heads up, but I was told the PwnCNC ATC will only work with the water cooled spindle.

Hey Josh,

it can get expensive quickly then. All the more reason why I’d also love it if you could show how the spindle you’re using operates. People in the forum would certainly find it interesting, especially because it is a simple, affordable spindle/VFD.

You say you got your spindle and VFD from CNC4PC in Florida, which kit is it (vfds, spindles)? Looks like they have some kits that look like those which Huanyang also brands as their HY Series?

Even though I have no experience with Daniel’s @PwnCNC’s spindles/VFD, I also think it’s good to buy PwnCNC’s kit with the DELIXI VFD rather than the Huanyang and spindle kits. PwnCNC is a little more expensive, although not as expensive as the industrial stuff I bought, but Daniel offers a plug-and-play VFD enclosure(!) and ready-to-use spindle cables for different chinese spindles. The Huanyang HY Series don’t even have Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) which gives the spindle much more efficiency and constant torque over wide speed range than without, Daniel’s DELIXI VFD in their kit has. And with PwnCNC, you know where the spindles come from. I don’t know where the spindles in the Huanyang-style kits come from. I just know, there can be a huge difference between cheap chinese (which mostly means fantasy-brand or Huanyang) and expensive chinese (with a real brand and a production and development factory to which you can address), as you can see here in this direct comparison of two spindles, the one no-name, the other a Jianken.

But especially if you have just the Huanyang-HY-style spindle/VFD kit, and air-cooled, it would be so nice to show how you can make such beautiful things like this guitar with it. I’m sure it’s more than Patrik @XilToiD and me who would appreciate it!

But no hurry (it was not meant that way), take all your time! :wink:


I’m happy to post a video, just don’t know what’s it’s going to show that other YouTube spindle videos don’t. My setup is as simple as I could make it for now, no laughing :wink: I didn’t get a kit but just asked the sales rep for a spindle and VFD that worked together and they recommended it. I needed single phase 220V input and a 2.2kw air cooled spindle.

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It won’t let me upload it here, I’ll get it on YouTube and post a link on this thread

Hey Josh,

you can upload here, if it’s a mp4 file. You just need to reach “Basic” level (seems to be the case now). It’s the upload icon. Just like the videos I uploaded here or here :slight_smile:

I can upload one on the fly, here a short internet meme that I like (7.4 MB):

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