First Run of my Foreman Elite

Well, I finally got everything set up, spindle connected and water connected. Ready to run my first job.

I had played with moving the machine around some with no problems, but now that I’m ready to actually use it, for some reason, I get a 5 or 6 second delay on the Masso screen after I touch a button.

In addition, it says that there is no USB connected. I even put the USB inside on the controller board and it still does not see it.

Is this a different USB stick than you’ve previously used? Did you format it yourself?

What filesystem/format is the stick? It has to be FAT32/MBR, which is admittedly super old-school. Default is to format NTFS, so make sure it’s not that. If it’s FAT32 make sure it’s MBR (Master Boot Record) and not GPT.

I’m pretty sure in Windows you have to use the command-line to specify MBR/GPT - the Explorer (or whatever they’re calling it today) UI doesn’t offer the option.

If it’s not the format of the stick, then you might have bad USB ports - the only reports mentioned here in the forum seem to be from the external port going bad, not the internal ones.

I tried both my stick and the stick that came with the controller. Neither one would work.

Are you talking about you have a 5-6 second delay jogging or is it program starting.
If it’s after you hit cycle start, there’s a delay built in to allow for start up.

The delay is when I touch any of the controls. Even after I home the machine. Sometimes I have to touch a button several times before it takes, and even then there is the delay.

I submitted a Masso ticket to resolve this problem. Their response was terrific. After a couple of tests, tey determined that there is a problem and are going to send me a new screen.

The only complaint I have is that they are in Australia, which means response is limited to one e-mail per day. They send me an e-mail during their business hours which is the middle of the night for me. I send them a response to their e-mail which is the middle of the night for them. Si I send them a response today, they respond tonight. I respond tomorrow and they respond tomorrow night. Except for weekends.

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