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Here is the latestfreebie, hope you like.

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Layne Mims



Thanks for sharing the link Layne, great little quick gift idea.


Layne how did you get the tips not to chip? When I made this last year had chipping on the first one. But second attempt turned out better.

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I ran a sharp 3 flute up and ran it pretty slow. I didn’t have a downcut that i liked then. i do now. i’ve run this on my cnc4newbie and my onefinity. the downcut about 1/4 deep inside and outside, then pocket and didn’t have any issue. i had a really seasoned piece of 2x12 as well. that helps, but only so much.

If i run it this year, it will be using down or scoring bit to clean the edge, then go to cutting. I didn’t have any luck with oak. it would chip out even worse. i have some very good looing 1 1/2 oak. oh well

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I will try it also on my 1F. Last one was on my Shapeoko a year ago. I think I have a nice piece of maple that would work. Like you said oak not very good, maybe because going against the grain too much.

Scoring is a brilliant idea for chipout prevention…