Gcode Tips and Tricks...?

Not sure if anyone has any tips or tricks they do with gcode but I thought I would start a post for that.

I am using Carbide Create for now, new to gcode but am getting fascinated by it. CC is a bit limited as to what it can to regarding customizing anything to the tool path. So I have been looking at the gcode in a text editor to understand what it is doing. It is like listening to a foreign language vs being able to speak it.

This all started with me adding the break out board and iot relay for auto on and off of the router and vac. I started reviewing the code to make sure the lines of code were there on the tool path to turn on and off the relay.

Now I want more.

I am curious if anyone has any gcode edits they do on a regular basis they would want to share?

Example: at the end of the run, do you program your router to move to a specific location? Do you raise Z to get it out of the way, do you move Y backwards so you can remove your finished work more easily, etc…

Yes, all of this can be done by jogging the machine, but I was just curious if it is something you do every time, do you program the gcode to do it for you?



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This was my way handling the fact that you lose home if the machine shuts down for whatever reason.
I take a picture of my positions when my job is set to run, just in case I have to hit E-stop or shut down. I then edit a small “homing” program that I can run to get back to my zero position.-------------------------------------------- %


G0 G17 G20 G90 G40 G49 G64



M02---------------------------------------------------------------- The X and Y are the exact offset numbers for my work zero. The Z is the inverse of the Z offset number. Although I usually probe my Z after startup because I found that it can vary by up to .010-.012. I always zero my Z from my waste board and in my programs my through cuts always cut at .005, this way I never cut into my waste board.


Doing a lot of fun stuff with gcode generation here. The standard CAD->CAM->Post Processor workflow doesn’t work well for me, so I’m writing a (free / open-source) direct gcode generator: GitHub - cilynx/pygdk: Python G-code Development Kit


I read a post somewhere, (Maybe on this forum) on how to split the G Code when using the Advanced V-Carve tool path. It has really sped the process up for me. Use the link to get to github file.


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Thanks! That is a good one. I use that as well.

Keep the tips and tricks coming !