Grounded Static DC Hose and Probing XYZ

Still making so many mistakes it is crazy, however now that I have my first carve behind me and before I make another change, looking for knowledge in the Probe XYZ and grounded DC hose. My DC is all metal and well bonded. I had a 4” to 2” reducer with 2” static dissipating hose, but on my first probe kept having problems with probing coming up out of limit. My hose was laying on the 50 mm chrome X rail and I reasoned that the hose was shunting some of the current from the probe resulting in inaccurate results. I took out the 2” line and cut up an old shop vac hose and duct taped it to the metal reducer above the table. That seemed to work. However I also moved the piece a short time later and now I’m wondering if I didn’t have the piece set outside the limits for the plunge angle. At this point I was just trying to carve the QC piece preloaded on the controller from 1F.

So, the shop vac hose doesn’t fit well in the dust boot and it also collects some dust on the outside of the boot. Instead of using the shop vac cut 1.5 or 1.25 hose I’m going to have to either buy a section of good hose or rework everything. Just curious if I’m over analyzing a newbie mistake or that in fact you can shunt current away from the probe and cause mistakes on initial setup.

Thanks in advance

The probe block is simply a block of a known set of dimensions and it conducts electricity. The wired part conducts the electricity from the controller, it’s a simple on/off switch as far as I know. It either has enough power though it to register as a closed circuit or it doesn’t. The probe does not decide if you are out of bounds, that’s up to the CNC. If you are getting out of bounds there is something wrong with the CNC. Lots of instructions here on how to fix it if it is just a configuration problem.

I think you’d be better off with your grounded hose than an ungrounded one. The ungrounded one could create EMI issues, static shocks, etc, which can lead to CNC problems. If you need to get a hose off a rail you can make a boom arm or do a quick and dirty suspension with a bungie cord from the ceiling.