Help! Losing “Home” during carves

My apologies, the support tab on the main Onefinity website lists this forum where your account, Onefinity Support, was providing support, under a category called troubleshooting, in the form of a link that took me to a FAQ troubleshooting support guide on the same forum.

That’s my error.

We are compiling an email to send to the support email address to follow proper procedure.

In the interim, if anyone in the community has had similar experiences and might provide any insight we would be eternally grateful.

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I haven’t had anything similar, the Onefinity has been rock solid for me and any failures I had were self inflicted (like selecting the wrong g-code file from the drop down menu 6 hours into a project). Most times I’ve seen someone report an issue where the tool took an unplanned route through the project it was due to dust build up (you’ve checked this already), a loose grub screw connecting to the ball screw or EMI/RFI or electrostatic discharge causing the issue, however those seemed to be random moves through the part or in one axis. The failure you show seems to be in all 3 axis, Z height too low, X and Y seemingly moving in a straight line at an angle and distance that isn’t parallel to anything else on the workpiece which would suggest it’s not a single failure like a stepper motor or electrical connection. EMI/RFI/ESD are possible causes - I haven’t run into these personally but I did ground and bond all the metal parts of my machine on day 1, I run a spindle and it is grounded (not shielded cable), my dust collection hoses are all conductive so they dissipate any build up of ESD to the metal dust collection piping system which is also bonded to ground.

If I were to make a suggestion it would be to install a ground to the metal chassis of the Onefinity to give any ESD a path that isn’t though the Onefinity controller. I used one of the bolts in the foot securing the Onefinity to my table.


I’ve had my share of headaches with this machine. It sucks when things aren’t working the way they are supposed to. Support have indeed helped me through my problems. Yes email is the best way to go, they have responded at odd hours which is appreciated. And they are quick with replacement parts, sometimes no questions asked, straight up replacement.

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Thanks for the advice. Per support’s request we are going to take the machine back to out of the box factory configurations, no accessories, and run through some tests. I do hope we have documented behaviors come to light under the tests which quickly and definitively point us in the right direction for a solution. From the OP’s tales, it sounds like pinpointing EMI/RFI/ESD would be exhausting but we will cross that bridge if it comes to it.

I’ll keep anyone who is interested posted with our progress and of course welcome any continued advice and encouragement.

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Ahhh and there it is. The same day I respond to this thread I go to carve and at bit change to the detail bit, the bit is off in the Y direction again. Last time I was told it was wires through the wall, and to be fair the problem stopped once I remedied the situation. Here I am again with the same problem again. I’ll get a hold of them again and try and figure this out. I’ll post the results.

Just a quick update, we are still running tests. Currently completely stock, default Makita, no vacuum, no rails, no 3D parts, latest firmware etc.

Still unable to hold home randomly across tests, not able to consistently recreate the issue:

We eliminated our gcode by running failed cuts without changes:

We eliminated Fusion 360’s compiler by having failures on other programs as well.

Did you ever figure out the issue?




Since this exact issue has proven itself to be related to electromagnetic interference (emi), I’d definitely have a look into your cable management, specifically in the running of stepper cables parallel to spindle / router cabling. That’s typically the scenario behind all the stepper faults (loss of signal due to excessive interference).

Going forward, you can eliminate that issue altogether by ensuring your machine is grounded and that your spindle / router cabling is shielded. There are several other things you can do to quiet that noise but the most straight forward, professional approach would be to eliminate the noise at sources rather than apply band-aids throughout the system.

Edit: also, may disregard. For some reason, discord is showing me ancient, already responded-to posts at the top of “Latest”. Fascinating development. :smiley:

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Hey Brian,

I think it was on top of “Latest” because the last post in this thread is dated from today.


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It’s something to get used to. It put me at the very top of the thread and I assumed that was the most recent post. After replying, I realized that the initial post had already been sufficiently responded to. Not at the top of my game this week. Someone out here in the wild has a Cottonwood tree and those are my kryptonite. :smiley:

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it should put you on the first post that is not already read (by you).

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If this post wasn’t yet read (by you), this behaviour is correct. It puts you on the first post that is not already read (by you).

Gotcha. Then, yes, that explains it and definitely means that I need to pay closer attention to the dates.

Do I also get notified if someone merely likes a post and, if so, should I expect the same behavior?

@BJS3D - I missed where in the thread this issue was “proven” to be EMI - can you point me to it?

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I was merely alluding to a likely cause, a consideration derived from several related issues that arrived at that conclusion.