Help! X toolpath is off

I am new but have completed 16+ signs without too much difficulty. One of the main reasons for getting into this was for my furniture building shop. I do a lot of mortise and tenon construction and wanted the repeatability and accuracy you get from a CNC. I have 4 benches to build but am stuck on getting the first set of mortise and through tenons cut. Zeroed my first board using the Triquetra probe loaded the g-code created in Carveco and this came up regarding the X toolpath being off -5.5527mm is less than minimum soft limit 0mm.

Thanks for any help.

This may not be helpful as I use Fusion 360, however I had a similar error that traced to not setting the 0 point (in fusion) to the lower left. I had left it at center, but tried to use the probe in the lower left.

I’m curious, how do you hold the wood for the tenon’s?

I have a table sled I built years ago with a 6" high fence. The legs for this project are 18.5" tall. So cutting and duplicating is easy to do with the sled and spacers on the tablesaw. If I am doing legs or stretchers that are longer I would cut them out on the CNC with then laying on the face and supported by roller stands. The depth of cut would be set to 1/32" less than material thickness and cleaned up with a trim router or chisel and file. Hope this answers your question.

Fixed it, programmer error. As the old UNIX saying goes, GIGO!

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