Homing settings - zero backoff value

It appears the the controller is shipped with a setting of 1.5 mm “back off” from zero mm in the homing settings for X and Y.

Have any of you reduced that amount?

What is the danger of reducing that to something less than a nominal 1/16" of an inch?

One theory would be packing sawdust and chips in a tighter space… Use good dust collection to prevent that… Not sure of other issues

1.5mm is right at 1/16”. I’ve adjust my back off to 0.5mm with no negative effect but as pointed out in this thread, keep the dust from packing on the rails

Thanks Mitz

I am still left guessing as to what this adjustment is for. I dug into it a bit more in the Buildbotics manual and it appears that it is used significantly when a machine has limit switches for homing. In our case, sans switches, perhaps it is simply a layer of protection to keep from slamming into a hard stop.

Meanwhile I am going to leave my Journeyman at the 1.5mm since that was accounted for in the cutting width of the machine. With the 1.5 mm backoff, the machine still has a full 48" of capacity (i.e. plywood width).

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Correct, it’s to prevent the impact when approaching the soft limits.