I must apologize for my recent behavior I let my frustrations get the best of me

All I must apologize for my recent behavior. The 1F team did every thing they could to take care of my issues. The support team is top notch. Turns out that my local USPS was sitting on mine since Thursday and several other peoples package since Thursday . The reginal postmaster showed up and deliver packages today have getting a number of complaints. The guy that was not processing packages here was trying to make a point to is boss that he needs more help but due to budget cuts they are not hiring him any help. Again 1F is top notch and I let my frustrations get the best of me.


I’ve had that happen with FedEx. The last time was a small package from Walmart that made it to the local depot but sat there for about a week. It was a replacement for a package that they lost. Walmart is big enough so when I complained it took hours before the package as on a truck heading to my house. I get being upset but you still need to process packages in the order they come in.

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Hey Scott… Thanks for posting this! If you ever need anything in the future please let us know. Thanks and talk soon…