Is pin 1 missing from spindle control and how do I fix it?

Is pin 1 missing from my spindle control?

I have a pwncnc spindle that I can get to turn on and off from g code, but speed will not change and only run at 1k rpm. I’m working with them to try and figure it out.

I decided to open up the controller and look at masso documentation to try and troubleshoot myself. I noticed there is no wire connected to pin 1. It’s getting the correct voltage to the pin 0v ,5v, and 10v for 0, 12k, and 24k rpm, so I’m assuming pin 1 was never wired to the 6 pin connector.

I can see 2 taped off wires, one blue and one white towards the bottom of my picture. Is one of those the one that is supposed to be wired to pin 1?

Hey whiskey,

according to this support document, the red wire should not go to SC-3 but to SC-1:
Also the blue wire should go to SC-7. But make sure that they are connected on the other end to the correct, corresponding pin of the 6-pin GX12 socket!

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Here is a photo of the spindle wiring on my Masso, and the red wire is going to pin 1, and my PwnCNC spindle kit is working properly.

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Thanks for the schematic. I had not found that one yet. I’ll have to double check the connections before I start to require anything.

On a side note, I did find this from pwncnc regarding the 7th pin. I don’t know if it’s for all spindles or specifically for theirs only. Pwncnc regarding 7th pin

Thank you for the picture Brian. It’ll be a good reference for troubleshooting

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