Job Size Problem

Am having issues with the job size setup on onefinity cnc x50
i use aspire vector. i set up project size example 10x10 square cut once vectors are ready to cut on
cnc it always cuts them bigger size then instructed.

Maybe share the file?

How much is it off by? Are you sure you have the correct route selected with respect to inside, outside or on the vector?

files attached.
the v-90 24 24 is not24x24 inches once on the cnc it cuts it way BIG!
fiestas test 3 need to be 12x9 and it about 1.5 inches off.

V-90 24 24size.ngc (555 KB)

fiestas test 3.ngc (191 KB)

fiestas test.crv3d (2.37 MB)

garcia horse clock.crv3d (1.93 MB)

reset the configuration after upgrading to 1.0.9. You’re probably set to the wrong ball screw pitch if it’s off in X axis.


Might be completely wrong but when I had this issue (mine was cutting very small) I had the wrong post processor selected.