Joystick sending incorrect signal to y motors

I have an issue with the wireless joystick sending mixed signals to the y motors. One will move forward while the other moves backwards causing the x rail to twist. This has happened on four occasions in the past 6 months. First time this happened I tried every possible fix before finding that If I switched the y rail plugs in the control unit, the problem was fixed. Each time this has happened since I have just moved the plugs around a few times til the problem stops. This only happens when using the wireless controller. It now seems to be a fairly simple issue to fix, however, I am concerned that the twisting will eventually damage my machine (X50 Journeyman). Does anyone have any thoughts on what is causing this?


Hi David,

I have experienced the same issue. Did anyone respond to you? I’m curious, which firmware revision were you on when this happened? For me it was 1.1.1