Laser Alignment

Hey everyone, has anyone tried a shank laser for Zeroing the work?

Seems pretty slick, you can get DOT or cross hairs

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Following as I think this is a slick idea.

Has anyone tried this?

Added a laser x-hair positioning setup, especially handy for non-squared pieces like full live-edge elliptical pieces (cookies/slabs) where there’s no clean edge to reference on the table. I first mask the material so I can put a x-hair marking more-or-less in the center of the material. The 1F is XY zero’d to the center of the table (small program), and then I run another small program (sorry for the crappy screen shot of that one) to move the laser xhair (mounted on the JTech laser mount) to that same center position. Then I just align the lines I drew on the material mask to the laser lines projecting down from the motor mount and clamp the material (I use a vacuum clamp) and z zero the bit. I moved the axis in different directions along the x & y just to show the material’s lines matching up to the straight axis movements. The projects are all Datum Center so I just re-center the bit over the center position and run from there. Much easier way to quickly align this type of material to XYZ now.

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