Laser seems to be stuck at 100% power

Not sure what happened, but need help fixing it. I haven’t used my laser in about a month. Since then I’ve upgraded to 1.08 and worked on some other carving projects.

Today I went back to the laser project I had been working on and it looks like the laser is now only operating at 100% power. The picture with two mandalas has the mandala on the left that I etched a month ago @ 70% power and the mandala to the right (using the exact same file) I etched today. It should also be at 70%, but clearly is much darker.

I ran a quick squares test from 70% down to 40% that can be seen along side the original 70% power mandala. Zero difference between any of them.

Also providing my Tool settings the machine is using (based on what Jtech recommends, and again the original mandala was etched with).

How do I fix this?? Should I roll back to 1.07? Not sure how that’s done, but I’m assuming possible.

I installed my laser only a few weeks ago and after testing noticed the same challenge. Regardless of the power setting I select in Aspire, the laser is always at 100%. I’m assuming it’s operator error and look forward to hearing from others regarding this subject.

It could be operator error, but I don’t really think so. I used the same gcode file a month apart and got different results. So either some setting got changed that I’m unaware of or the firmware is messing me up.

Did you try manual mode thru the MIDI. Send it M3 S20 and see what it does. Mine is working fine. I use lightburn BTW. I’ll check what version I am on.

Before I discovered this problem I had used the M3 code to set my 00. So yes that worked at that time. Then I used my original gcode file from last month.

When I upgraded to 1.0.8 I had no issues with the laser. Your tool settings are the same as mine so it must be a setting in the software. Try making a new toolpath with the original settings and see what happens. I would be curious to know what your settings are.

I would normally agree, but in this instance it has to be something changed on the 1F. As I used the exact same gcode file (no changes, same date stamp) to burn those two mandala’s (middle image) a month apart. The 70, 60,50,40 are new toolpaths with each set to those percentages, at 120in/min 1 pass. The mandalas I can also confirm were 120in/min 1 pass.

I’ve had the laser since March, and I’m no expert at all this, but had used it on dozens of projects until last month when I had to focus on something else. The last thing I did was burn that mandala on the left at 70%. As I’m taking up that project again, I tried to burn it again, which is when I discovered the problem.

In manual mode, I am able to adjust the laser. I’m assuming it’s something related to Aspire and the add on Laser Module I’m using. More testing! :slight_smile: