Machine frequent disassembly

I’m excited for my 1F WW in a couple months and have been glued to the forum for days trying to learn as much as I can. I have CNC experience with table routers, hot wire cutters, I even have used a kuka robot to cut ice scuptures (didn’t see that one coming did ya!). I’m going to get a tube steel table fabricated and It appears many of you are building tilting tables or some other way of storing the machine when not in use. I thought the whole point was to disassemble the Machine and store it in pieces. Does anyone disassemble when not in use? Any down sides? square issues? Tramming issues? Any input would be great. You guys are crazy as hell and I like it.

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It takes time to setup any machine. Why would you want to setup and take down any more than is absolutely necessary? I recently printed an extensive grid on my wasteboard with my laser that makes lining things up super easy and fast. I also have wires and cords set in place among other things that I wouldn’t want to disrupt. For me, I am content to leave it as is permanently.

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I can’t imagine tearing down the setup very often, I have a dedicated table and spot in my workshop for my 1F. I believe the appeal to the easy take down/setup is maybe the mobility of the machine. Even though I don’t intend to disassemble my 1F anytime soon, I was still appreciative that first time setup was fairly easy and relatively fast.

It seems it has more to do with the accessories being dialed in more than the machine, that makes sense. I’m going have to scramble and figure out a way to utilize the table for assembly while keeping the machine intact. I was thinking maybe a scissor lift inside the cabinet? maybe I’m overthinking it.