Machine rblandomly unresponsive

Ive run into an issue when trying to run a file. I ran these steps successfully on a previous attempt of the project (the first run had an epoxy issue). The second time it ran in one location that was only supposed to go .15" deep but comtinually ran down until it snapped the bit. The third time it ran in a different location where it wasn’t even supposed to run over and over (thankfully not down this time). The fourth attempt i probed z on a bit change and now it just sits in jogging state, forcing me to restart and hopefully find the correct zero.

The gremlin is highly likely to a be a wiring issue so check your wiring. There are tons of posts here on the forum about connection problems.

Have you installed some sort of strain relief on the connectors, particularly those on the end of the X carriage? These connectors have a very hard life otherwise and are prone to failure.