Machine Shuts Down During Boot

I have to say, I am getting frustrated with the issues I continue to have with my X-50 woodworker which is only 6 weeks old.

I had to re-flash the USB last week because it refused to boot up at all. I did that and it eventually worked. Yesterday, as I was using the machine, it would just shut off, I could get it to come back up but relatively frequently it would freeze again, the green light it on but the screen goes blank, and I can not get to it over the network… This morning, it would NOT boot up at all.

I re-flashed the USB AGAIN! This time it began the boot process, I saw the booting screen on the touch screen monitor then I heard the machine jog slightly and then down it went (same as above, green light is on, nothing on the screen and can not connect over the network…I hit the emergency stop in order to get it to power off and restart and now it will not come up at all again.

Please help…


An update, I re-flashed again, this time connected to a different monitor + a USB mouse and same issue, it starts to boot, shows the booting screen and then goes black. It is then completely dead, it will not boot up again.

I would suggest you email support for specific troubleshooting help, you seem to have a power related issue if the controller is shutting off.

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Thanks…I have sent them an email.