Shutting down controller

Is it correct that I turn the system off by using the fly out on the touch screen -shutdown. I get message to wait to trun off controller until I see a black screen. I never do. It shows as photo below. Been turning off controller at that point but not sure.
Could someone advise.

Normal. When it reaches that point, flip the power switch off.


Thanks very much. I wasn’t sure.

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Interesting, mine behaves differently, my screen goes blank after the “booting” flash screen

Your likely not on 1.0.9 firmware.

Hey @AndyP,

did you hear this? You have not all bugs installed!

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It’s not a bug. it’s by design.

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I’m on the latest; auto install reminder the day it was released. Took me by surprise; boo! :scream_cat:

But I will check.


mine does the same screen

Is it necessary to use the on-screen power button to turn it off? I’ve just been flipping the switch…

I think Onefinity stresses very firmly to shut down the controller properly through the menu. So i think it must be important not to corrupt anything.