Machinist Packaging Dimensions and Weight


Seen the individual packages and weight for the avidly popular Woodmaker but none for the Machinist.

Would someone share their individual packages (3 I assume? ) dimensions and weight?

Thank you

For some reason the Machinist ships out in the same boxes & at the same total weight (135#) as the Woodworker. I don’t have the package dimensions.

I see. No wonder there is no change in shipping price regardless Machinist or Woodmaker is selected.

Thank you for the information.

The Machinist fits the bill for small apartments for hobbyist to build an enclosure over it. Or wondering if I should go for the Woodmaker and have the rails cut locally to fit…

If you were looking to create a custom-size machine, be aware that in addition to having the rails cut to whatever shorter length you want, you’d also have to have the ball screws shortened & machined accordingly.

The Woodmaker is really quite the deal right now for the size and price.

Machinist price had gone up and having half the discount as the Woodmaker; shipping costs remaining the same for both.

Still contemplating to get the Machinist and upgrade the rails and ball screws when the need for larger footprint arises instead of messing up a beautiful new machine right out of the box.

Pulled the trigger for the Machinist. Order #14206. Hopefully it shall be the next order in the week of May 30th.

Now to look around for 3hp Hitachi VFD and 2.2kw water cooled spindle…

Thanks Bill, made the decision after seeing your setup and the practically of a smaller footprint for hobbyist.

Glad I could help! It was an easy decision for me (actually I did not have a choice) because my work area is very small.

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Pardon my messy work area. It’s a lot smaller than yours.