Making multiples of an already created object

i have a file of a coaster that i need to make 50 of i have seen a couple videos of how to do this however when i go back and make the material size bigger it keeps the file in the center of the material .so i went back and changed the datum thing to lower left hand corner it move the files so that the center of my round coaster was on the corner of the material so then i used the offset to put the file where i needed it on the material. however, there is still an image of the coaster in the center of the material where it was originally.i click ok and it asks do i want to recalculate i click ok and wham it moves the image back to the center with a weird red toolpath that looks like it started in the center then went to the location i moved the object to but it doesn’t cut that image, it goes back to the center and cuts the center one.?? can’t seem to move the object as a whole to the place i want it to start and then array them.

Update: I imported the original file as a template and then did the array thing and it worked. I think i am starting to figure this stuff out

Keep at it, Robert. It all comes together eventually. Just had a friend come over and handhold me through a project. His expression was " you’re drinking from the firehose right now". That’s pretty much what it feels like but it’s exciting watching the machine doing exactly what it’s been told to do.:clap:


Out of curiosity, what software are you using?

i am usng vcarve pro