Masso setup Y axis starts at 15 inches

I just received my Elite Journeyman. I got to the ‘jog the Y-Axis’ to complete fastening the Y rails, but the gantry only goes back half way. I see that it stops at what it thinks is 31.25 inchest, but that is only half way there. In the Masso controller it seems to think the Y is already at 15 inches when the Y is actually all the way forward.

So, there must be some way to setup the machine parameters so the Y is at 0 when the gantry is at 0. I cannot find it. Can anyone help me?

Thanks … Ian

Did you home it first?

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The rails will only move half the distance if you do not home first.

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Thanks @PezWoodworks - that did the trick.

Thanks for being so quick. That worked, of course. Just a note for the documentation that neither step 18 or 19 says to home the machine. Being completely new to the machine I was afraid to do anything not in the assembly instructions.

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