Monitor/controller issue?

Has anyone had this issue with their monitor? It was like this the moment I turned it on. I swapped all the cords, no change. I hooked my phone up to it and the picture was perfect.

I think this is how the controller is sending the image to the monitor. Again, I swapped the hdmi cable and it wasn’t any better.

It not only is it pixilated, the image does not fill the entire screen like before.

Every thing else works fine and I can run the machine.

Any thoughts?

Do you power up the monitor befor the controller?

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Ferrite chokes in place?

Forgive for the usual question, where is it powered from?

Powerstrip. I checked that cable also.

Yes the monitor was powered up first.

Not sure what Ferrite chokes are

Update: this morning I unplugged the controller and waited a couple minutes. Started all of it back up and it’s fine now. Strange.

Thanks to everyone who put thought to this.

Hey Daniel,

Ferrite chokes - Onefinity CNC Forum

Ferrite choke - Wikipedia

As always… You are a wise man! I learned something today. Thank you