My OneFinity has finally arrived, Yay!

Finally, my bundle of joy has arrived! (1F Woodworker)

Took long enough but I’m happy she’s home. In the last hour, I’ve unboxed, checked that everything was there, assembled it somewhat, just to test things out, samo–samo, as everyone else; went through the weak wifi matter, I was ready with the cankit alternative, bingo! That was settled, she home’s nicely, looks sharp, I still have tons to do… the dust boot, the t rails, the vac set up, I have two wimpy questions, just so I can stop pulling my hair and I can get some sleep tonite:

  1. I purchased REIIE H9+ Backlit Wireless Mini Handheld Remote, I think I saw Myers using it and I loved it, so it works on the screen, text mouse and all, however the touch pad is only scrolling the window page up and down, I wanted to be able to control x y z movement with the directional keypad on the upper left corner of the pad.

  2. When I use the 7" 1F touch display, and I try to move the gantry x y z, it’s only stepping, and I have to continue tapping so that it moves a notch, same exact thing happens if I connect a wired mouse, it’s all single increments. What if I wanted to drive that bad boy around? Seems that just holding the mouse button has no effect other than that first click 1-step.

I know it’s been a long day for me, I’m rushing, I’m excited, I’m hungry, and I wanna carve… breathe Jen, breathe. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the tips guys, I’m sure I’m overlooking something or doin sumthin dumb


Nice, glad it finally arrived. So exciting to get it set up and start seeing it move round.

Unfortunately I think your stuck with the incremental movements if you didn’t get a gamepad. It is definitely worth the cost of getting one. Just for quickly jogging the machine around as well as positioning for setting zero.

I’ve actually used the gamepad to manually drive the machine to flatten stock while only using X and Y with the axis locks being careful to not hit the Z joystick. when needing to move in Z I used the MDI.

I also used the gamepad to move the machine while cutting in MDF at a shallow depth line a very expensive Etch-A-Sketch… not advised, but fun non the less… lol

Good luck, have fun, don’t get frustrated.

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Okay I figured out one of the issues why it was just “stepping”, because I had it set to 0.1 when I was moving it… duh! :nerd_face:

There are 4 selections: 0.1, 1.0, 10, 100 steps at a time.

Now I just need some help figuring out my remote directional pad

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Those increments are in millimeters. I found out that even if I have my machine set to Imperial, those selections default to mm and I needed to use the drop down just to the right of the jog section on the display to change it to Inches and then you will have something like 0.005, 0.05, 0.5 and 5. I can’t remember exactly as I don’t really use it with the gamepad. Really the only time I’ve jogged it with the on screen pad was to jog the Z down when manually driving via gamepad for flattening…

I’m guessing there might be a way to program the keyboard to produce the same commands as the gamepad, but I have no idea how to do that. Definitely recommend the game pad.


Yeah Tom, I did not order the game controller with my 1F order, I just placed an order today for the controller, really need to dance around the axis, and this mini keyboard controller isn’t cutting it. I’ll continue playing with it and google something might surface so I can get it goin…

Thanks again Tom! :blush:

I use both to move around. The game controller for quick stuff and the screen for precision positioning. Both work great.

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