Necessary Spares

What are some of the spares that are a MUST HAVE? What has the most probability to wear out? For example with my xcarve I made sure I had spare belts brushes for the router etc…

Brushes and bits should be it

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Definitely bits. With my various shapeokos and x-carves over 5+ years I broke a few bits. Almost entirely human error. I’ve broken the same amount with my OF in just a few months. Why? Still human error – the drive system of the OF will “just keep going” when you do something stupid, instead of skipping steps with the other machines. The by-product - far more broken bits:

In all my years, I’ve never snapped a bit at the shank - until now! I simply don’t know why the shank snapped instead of the “fragile” 1/16" flutes, but, one more lesson learned :slight_smile:

Brushes are completely dependent on your use. OF is my 3rd CNC and I haven’t worn the brushes out on my router yet. But - YMMV.


Yeah there has to be a defect in that shank for it to break first

Yeah, agreed. First time 7+ years. That’s what happens when you forget to tighten the collet and it slowly rides down into the material…doh.

Bits I have a variety of and always ordering new stuff. I think I’ll have spare brushes and a spare Nema motor on hand and call it good.