Number one purchased machine

Which machine is purchased the most from onefinity? What was your reasoning for your purchase Price, cutting area, etc ?

I think since the Journeyman came out, I’d guess that its been the most ordered. For someone diving into cnc work, it makes the most sense to have a larger cutting area and compared to a woodworker, the price difference is almost negligible for the commitment one of these machines are in general.
I’d also guess that there have been more woodworkers purchased overall because they’ve been available longer.

I’m interested to see other opinions as well.


I would assume the Journeyman, but I recently picked up the Woodworker X-50. I don’t have a lot of room to work with, and it ended up being the perfect size to fit under my workbench.

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I have a Woodworker X-35. So far it has done everything I ever asked of it, even made a full sized Adirondack chair on it by mounting a few pieces diagonally for those cuts.

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