One Y rail can't be manually moved

I recently moved my machine to a larger table to prepare for the arrival of my Journeyman x-rail, and one of the two Y rails won’t move when I push on it. It will jog and perform when I’m running a job.

I tried oiling it and running it up and down the rail after, but it still won’t budge on that one side when I push. Is it just dirty? Any ideas?

This is a common error with the same fix…

See attached

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I’m probably stating the obvious here, but you’re not trying to push the y-axis with power applied to the motors right? If you’re trying to push them, the controller needs to be off or screen e-stopped.

I’m assuming you’re not since you make it sound like one side does move. The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the bearing on the stuck side is gunked up. There is a video on how to clean them.

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Yep, it was powered down. Even when it was just the disassembled machine. Now, after running a few jobs on it over the last couple of days, I can actually push on the X rail and move both Y rails at the same time. So maybe it just needed to run a bit more after being oiled?

Anyway, my Journeyman rail is inbound, so hopefully this mean the install will go better!

Glad it’s moving for you. I would still recommend cleaning your bearings if you haven’t done it in a while. They’ll eventually get bad enough that it can stall the motor and mess up a project.

It only takes a few minutes per bearing…