Paying for what isnt there

So this truly bites. I went to pull the trigger on the Elite Foreman this morn but hey the back order is so bad that I’ll be paying for 4-6 months for something I dont even have.

Ive waited aince 95 for life to settle to get a cnc again, here I am and its either cash out part of my stock portfolio to pay cash or pay monthly payments on something I dont even own.

Im going back to the chicken coop. Totally bummed now.

Hey Cara,

yes, but, even I know this will not help, but this information was available before ordering. What you could do is modify your order to get one of the Original Series machines which would be delivered much faster, and then you could later upgrade with the Upgrade to Elite.

Unfortunately, there is no Foreman (48" x 48") as Original Series, only Journeyman (48" x 32"), Woodworker (32" x 32") and Machinist (16" x 16").

When we ordered our machine, the backorder was monthes too, but I did not participate in the useless threads where people talked monthes long just about how long it could last now. Instead I did completely other things in life.

One morning, when I looked out the kitchen window, I saw a DHL Express deliverer with a pallet jack with a pallet with big packages on it, and when I looked at the big letters saying “Onefinity” on the packages, I thought, wow, someone in my house must have ordered something at Onefinity too! What a coincidence! Who could that have been? – oh, please excuse me, the door bell just rang, got to look who that could be :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

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I actually didnt pull the trigger yet…and yes they do still have the elite, as of about an hr ago. I just gotta justify paying 4-6 months before getting it or justify cashing out a stock option.

And tx. I see I will find some good material jere but crap I started off by whining about finances…smh, back to the chickens lol.

Hey Cara,

if you decide to take a machine with monthes of backorder, you’re in good company here, many here made that experience. However ordering a machine that is on stock would allow you to start to work and learn immediately.

Are you already familiar with the CAD/CAM software of your choice? If not, mastering one can take monthes too, especially 3D model creation. You could use the time that way, since you will need it anyway, and it would not be that satisfying to have the machine here and to have this monthes-long learning still in front of you :slight_smile:

Also when our machine came, after five monthes at that time, I nonetheless hadn’t managed to make room for the machine :frowning: The monthes pass by quickly sometimes… :slight_smile:

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She keeps mentioning the Chickens … those could be a whole lot more profitable.

So how did you afford the a fancy CNC? I sold a few dozen eggs.

Welcome Cara.

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Hey all,

Not really. Within minutes, they multiply and the half of them are full of testosterone and will spend their day to try to kill the others. Oh, no, not killing animals. I gave them away and simply stopped eating eggs. It’s easy when you discover that pancakes don’t need eggs.

Lol, i dont do cakes. I do alot of eggs. That aside i sell enough eggs to make about $40 profit a yr of which I say screw it and buy whiskey lol.

As for chickens, my lack of brilliance said oh they are so cute so the expansion of the coop began…just about done then I will have my shop back from penned chickens oh my goodness yeah.


I would say save up cash outside of what you are putting away for retirement/a rainy day fund and avoid cashing out any stock unless you absolutely need to. Also, avoid using buy now pay later services if you can. They are predatory lenders and will take advantage of you given the opportunity.

Not sure what part of the country you live in but there seem to be several 1F machines for sale here. And the good news is that it seems like many are selling because they are upgrading and not because they hate the machines themselves.

We’ve all had to wait and it is the hardest part; especially paying in full up front. (Even for upgrades like the Z-20 which is 19 weeks and counting now for me). But I would say most of us are happy. Not sure what other folks might say they wish they would have bought instead.

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The wait feels like forever but in reality it goes by pretty quick. It would be nice if they just accepted a deposit but if you want a new 1F you have to play by their rules.