Paying for what isnt there

Hey Cara,

yes, but, even I know this will not help, but this information was available before ordering. What you could do is modify your order to get one of the Original Series machines which would be delivered much faster, and then you could later upgrade with the Upgrade to Elite.

Unfortunately, there is no Foreman (48" x 48") as Original Series, only Journeyman (48" x 32"), Woodworker (32" x 32") and Machinist (16" x 16").

When we ordered our machine, the backorder was monthes too, but I did not participate in the useless threads where people talked monthes long just about how long it could last now. Instead I did completely other things in life.

One morning, when I looked out the kitchen window, I saw a DHL Express deliverer with a pallet jack with a pallet with big packages on it, and when I looked at the big letters saying “Onefinity” on the packages, I thought, wow, someone in my house must have ordered something at Onefinity too! What a coincidence! Who could that have been? – oh, please excuse me, the door bell just rang, got to look who that could be :slight_smile:

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