Possible to raise clearance height after probing?

I was doing a bunch of probing to verify distance of spoil-board from router head and ran across an interesting issue.

I had a short 1/8" em in the router to probe and after probing the clearance or safe height is set at 0.712" however because I was using a shorter bit i had to manual raise the bit each time while moving to a new location because it kept getting an error under soft limit.

Is there a way to set the after probing safe height or clearance height to 1" instead?

While I am asking is there a way to set the start height of a new toolpath to something more than 0.8"? Sometimes i forget to put the bottom of my dust boot on and 0.8" just isn’t enough to squeeze it in there.

Thanks for the help, loving my Onefinity even though I am just beginning to learn on it still after 3 months :slight_smile: